Guinness World Record Seal for Largest Number of People Etch-A-Sketching

Lyons, Colorado, USA —
When residents Jeff Gagliardi, and Clark Hodge came up with the idea for “Sketch-A-Palooza” (an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Number of People Etch-A-Sketching) they thought “a hundred or so people would be a good number.” Officials at Guinness set the bar a little higher, and thought a good number for the event should be at least two hundred and fifty. A daunting number to be sure for a town the size of Lyons — a little over ten percent of the population would be needed!

Unfazed, the two promoters went about bringing their dream to fruition. Not only did they get the required two hundred and fifty participants, they packed in well over five hundred people, from ages nine months to ninety-plus years. In all, they registered three hundred and seventy-two “official sketchers” who all attempted to sketch the iconic Lyons’ landmark, Steamboat Mountain, at the same time!

Sketch-a-Palooza - Our Guinness World Record

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